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Friday, July 15, 2011

A Quick Response to Why I Chose a Natural Birth

On February 5, 2011, I chose to have my first birth ever, at home, in water, and unassisted.  Unassisted basically means that there is no midwife or OB present.

I know that birth can be very controversial.  There are a lot of choices out there today.  There seems to be an ever-widening chasm between those who choose natural birth vs. those who choose the mainstream option, which has become to mean in the hospital with an epidural.

A good friend of mine had a discussion on her facebook page, as someone was criticizing the natural birth choice in any situation, stating they did not understand that choice at all, when we live in the age of epidurals and other types of interventions.  I decided to take a moment and respond to that spirit.  This was something just written on a whim, in a moment, and should by no means be considered my full opinion on the subject.  But sometimes what is written on a whim, even though short, can be powerful, and I thought I would share my little facebook comment here.

it's all still about the right to choose, isn't it? others are free to choose to not be a participant in their births, to not feel a thing and just have their child handed to them. but i am just as free to make the choice to participate 100%. 

i desire to be the one calling the shots 100%. i desire to not miss one moment of the birthing process. what others call pain or suffering, is part of me going through a unique and one time opportunity with my little one, both of us together.

the birthing process is like the ebbs and flows of the ocean, the little one and i talking back and forth, step by step, moment by moment. i choose for us to remain in sync and communicate through that whole process. i will not leave my little one to walk that journey by themselves or with a human being who is not a part of my family, who may have different values and no lasting connection to our family. i regard it all as a sacred privilege that i will allow no one else to tread upon or to take from me. no one else can walk that journey with my little one like i can, as the Mama.

i have no desire to trade this journey in for another or to cheat the process in any way, shape, or form. i fully respect the right to other's choices, although i may not agree with them. but do not stand in the way of my choice to bond with my little one in this way. beware to those who do. i have no qualms about taking you out, if necessary. i guard this part of my relationship with my little one. it is ours to have. i relish it. it is our right to have it. and it will not be taken away from us. it is something we will have between us forever. ♥"

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  1. I have SO much respect for this choice! I am due to have my first baby any time now and am planning a home water birth, albeit with a professional midwife in attendance - one who is very much on my wavelength and respects the sacredness of those first moments with bub :-) I love that you chose an unassisted birth, I would love to hear more about your birth!